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Children can now start from 2 years 6 months!


Rights-Respecting Activities.

This week we are looking at the ‘Right to Play’ and ‘Our Promises’ on how to behave at Pre-school.  Please can you talk with your child that everyone at Pre-school has the right to play with the toys and if we would like a turn, we ask the child ‘Please may I have a turn’ and fetch the sand-timer to wait for our turn.

Our Promises are:

We promise to try and use our kind hands and feet.

We promise to try and look after each other.

We promise we will look after the Pre-school toys.

We promise we will try and remember to stay safe and walk inside.

Please can you help your child talk about how they can promise to try.


From April 2018

Our new opening times are:

Monday  8.50 am – 2.50 pm,

Tuesday  8.50 am – 2.50 pm,

Thursday 8.50 am – 12.50 pm,

Friday 8.50 am – 2.50 pm.


From September 2018 children can now start from 2 years 6 months!