Morning and/or Afternoon Routine

A Session at Pre-school

8.50 am Self-register – the children self-register and choose something to play with whilst we wait for all the children to arrive.
 9.00 am Hello time – the children sit on the blue mat and we talk about the day of the week, the date and the weather.  We then discuss what we are going to do for the rest of the morning, singing our Rights-Respecting song before we go and play.
9.10 am  Free-play – during this time the children participate in small adult-led activities as well as independent learning.  The children choose from various activities covering the seven areas of learning, the activities stem from the children’s interests.  During this time observations are made and each key-person will have set up activities to either consolidate their child’s learning or move them onto their next steps.  The children also have access to outside play.
9.30 am Snack Café – Snack Café is open for the children to choose when they would like to eat their snack.  Snack café closes at 10.30 am
11.00 am Physical activities – At this time the children take part in either PE activities such as: Obstacle courses, football or dancing activities.  We sometimes may use the First school playground for PE activities. 
11.30 am
Story time – The children come together and are split into two groups depending who is staying for lunch and going home.  The children listen to a story and afterwards we sing some new or our favourite songs.
11.50 am Home time or lunch – Children either go home or stay for lunch.
12.10 pm   Play time – the children choose from a range of activities until it is time to go home
12.50 pm







Home time - the children come together on the blue carpet in the entrance hall.  We sing our goodbye song with the children who are going home. Afternoon session – On Monday, Tuesday and Friday’s the children stay in the main room choosing their activities inside and out, enjoy a snack and we finish with a small circle activity discussing our favourite part of the day.  Home Time at 2.50 pm