Mission Statement

We respect and value ourselves, each other, our families, our community and the world.

In Cranborne Pre-school all of the children are supported to develop their own potential at their own pace.  Our aim is to prepare the children for full time education at primary school, and to encourage their independence away from the home in an attractive and fun learning environment.  We seek to promote and enhance the children’s physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development, as well as developing self-esteem and self-discipline.  Our education will develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.  We will encourage your child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for each other, their parents, their own and other cultures and the environment (Article 29, UN.C.R.C).


In line with the rights under the United Nations Convention of the Child (UN.C.R.C), we aim to ensure each child; 

  • Is in a safe and stimulating environment (UN.C.R.C – article 31)
  • Is given generous care and attention
  • Is encouraged to make decisions and choices and initiate their own activities (UN.C.R.C – articles 12 & 13)
  • Is helped to take forward their learning and development by building on what they already know and can do
  • Has the chance to join in with other children and adults to live, play, and work and learn together (UN.C.R.C – article 15)
  • Has a personal key-person who ensures each child makes satisfying progress
  • Is in a setting that sees parents as partners in helping each child learn and develop.

Throughout the year, we encourage parents to come in and play with the children during our stay and play sessions (UN.C.R.C – article 29).